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When You Find Out What’s in Your Diet Coke You Might Never Drink Another One Again

9141167_sOne thing that recent research has proven is a diet high in sugar has horrible effects on your health.

It’s a sad reality, especially since many of our favorite foods contain sugar. So what many people do to avoid sugar is switch to some low-calorie or zero-sugar “diet” counterparts.

Slam on the breaks before you do that.

The most prevalent low calorie, dietary supplement, is also the world’s most dangerous.

If you don’t already know, Aspartame is the world’s most frequently used artificial sweetener. Owned by the Monsanto company, it’s estimated that 75% of all the negative reactions to food additives are a reaction to Aspartame.

Aspartame is in almost everything. Diet sodas, diet foods, diet candies, gum. It’s nearly impossible to get away from it.

But what about Aspartame is so bad?

First off, every single component of Aspartame has adverse affects on your body’s health. Aspartame is made of Aspartic acid, Phenylaline, and Methanol.

Both Aspartic acid and Phenylalanine are needed for some of the body’s basic functions. However, when the body is presented with too much of these substances it can have some pretty damaging effects.

Aspartic acid is an excitotoxin. That means it works as a neurotransmitter and can over stimulate brain cells, causing them to absorb excess calcium which then leads to the formation of free radicals. Over time this can cause the development of a myriad of negative symptoms and even aggravate already present chronic health issues.

Likewise, Phenylalanine is present in the brain. However, when the body is presented with too much Phenylalanine, it the stores it in the blood and it ravages the brain. It’s been show that Phenylalanine can have adverse affects on the formation of baby’s brains and also contributes to the formation of a host of mental disorders in adults.

Both Aspartic Acid and Phenylalanine comprise 90% of the total Aspartame molecule, which is why most diet sodas and most sticks of gum can have some really serious consequences.

Here’s a list of what these two ingredients can do to the body.

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Numbness
  • Slurred speech
  • Muscle spasms
  • Weight gain
  • Rashes
  • Hearing loss
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Tachycardia
  • Insomnia
  • Vision problems
  • Seizures
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Schizophrenia
  • Emotional disordes
  • Depression
  • Seizures

It’s not a pretty list at all.

Lastly, Aspartame contains methanol. Methanol is also known as wood alcohol and is a very potent neurological toxin. It is processed by the body and then forms formaldehyde, which can turn out to be extremely damaging to the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

The EPA even has guidelines on how much methanol should be ingested. Their limits say it’s about 7.8mg per day. On average, a liter of a diet drink with Aspartame as a primary ingredient contains about 52mg of methanol. That’s considerably more than you should ever consume in a 24-hour period!

The adverse health effects produced by Methanol are equally discouraging. Methanol poisoning’s effects include:

  • Retinal damage
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Numbness and shooting pains in the extremities
  • Behavioral disturbances
  • Weakness
  • Ear buzzing
  • Dizziness
  • Blindness

And much, much more.

The combined effects of these three ingredients are pretty staggering. In a rush to move away from sugar people have done a considerable amount of harm to themselves.

Do yourself a favor, ditch the diet drinks.

Use natural sweeteners like Stevia or Erythritol instead.

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  • aware

    So we have heard for years about Aspartame, however, not one company has removed it from their products or replaced it with something else! Whay is this? Maybe its not a problem and is a scare tactic, either way Big companies like Coke should take on the mission to find out the truth about Aspartame and advise their costomers.

    • Busdriver Bill


    • Vicki

      well, this was quite an eye opener…I am 60 (in December)…I have been using Equal for years and years and years. I drink Coke Zero, iced tea w/Equal, diet sweet tea at McDonald’s, and Equal in my coffee! My medical issues are minimal but I do suffer from depression…Prozac and Cymbalta fixed that…I get headaches from time to time…Ibuprofen gelcaps reduce that pain….my right hand goes to sleep pretty frequently but if I move it around a bit and it stops tingling….if I bend my head backwards or forwards I get very dizzy…avoiding that movement stops that….I had been suffering with IBS (gastrointestinal) for several years and was taking prescription meds for it….I lost 50 pounds and that fixed the IBS….so, I really don’t have a good answer…I guess that I’ll switch to what they suggest…Stevia or something less damaging. And, when I get soda, I’ll get non-diet sodas. It’ll take awhile to get used to but, what the heck. I just hope I don’t
      have withdrawal symptoms… :/

      • Mo Par

        I will be 61 in December and I have converted to stevia for sweetner. I still use sugar on some things and I’m going back to real coke. I switched to coke zero because it was better than diet coke or pepsi but I don’t drink soft drinks that often. Have you considered natural cures for your depression, headaches, and IBS?

        • Vicki

          Coke Zero was better than Diet Coke for sure. I used to drink Diet Pepsi until I tasted Coke Zero. Regardless, I guess I’ll go back to Coke straight up. I don’t drink much soda anymore either. Taste buds have changed. My headaches aren’t frequent (even though I feel one coming on now) but I used to get migraines when I worked at 3M but shortly after leaving there they stopped. I think it was chemical fumes but they assured us that the cyanide fumes we were breathing were harmless. The depression…well….I have suffered off and on with depression most of my life. A couple of years ago I decided to quit my depression medicine (Prozac) and stop smoking pot. Not a good idea. I fell into a dark place that I didn’t even know existed. It was horrible…if not for my faith in God, I would’ve killed myself…seriously. It took a year of changing meds and trying this one with that one…and finally my neuro- transmitters got aligned properly and I came out of it. I NEVER want to go back there again…NEVER! I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. It’s horrible! If you’ve never experienced that dark place, well, you’re very lucky. So, basically, I’m happy where I am today. As far as natural, for my left knee problems I’m taking an old home remedy of MSM crystals that are used for horses joint maladies. I even bought it at a farm store here in town. It’s really horrible tasting but it seems to be helping

          • David in MA

            Sounds to me like you have more problems than aspartame influance.

          • Vicki

            I’m just an honest person…my life is an open book…I live in a small town in central Missouri…used to everyone knowing all my “biness”. So, by the sound of your text, you don’t have any problems? :/

    • Stephanie O’Leary

      The politics of getting Aspartame approved by the FDA is in the documentary, and includes lobbying efforts by food manufacturers, among others, to ram through the approval.

      • Town Crier

        Question: If Aspartame is so darn good, why has it been banned all over Europe? That stuff is POISON!!! The list of effects is far from complete – it can even cause epilepsy!

        • Stephanie O’Leary

          Dear Townie, calm down and read my original post. I clearly state that Aspartame is a “Frankenfood” that poisons the body, and the documentary “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” exposes the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that brought it to market in the U.S. The FDA is a U.S. entity, not European.

  • Stephanie O’Leary

    Watch the hour long documentary “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” for first-hand testimonials and researchers explanations about how this “frankenfood” wrecks the human body. Eye-opening and truly scary. My family dumped Aspartame 4 years ago and haven’t looked back.

    • RicC

      All artificial sweeteners are poisonous to the body. Ask some people diagnosed with MS and found out its not MS but too much AS. There is a lot if info out there on AS, non of it good. DO YOUR RESEARCH. ITS A POISON

      • Stephanie O’Leary

        Ric, I’ve done PLENTY of research. My comment was directed specifically to Aspartame as that’s the focus of this article. Frankenfoods are, indeed, everywhere, and none of them benefit humans.

    • David in MA

      I understand that heating this aspartame makes it change somehow, any ideas?

      • Town Crier

        YES! When it warms to over about 90 degrees, the aspartame breaks down into it’s poisonous components – VERY BAD FOR YOU!

  • kkc003

    I don’t see deer drinking from a stream of coke so its not part of my consumption.

  • un10able

    Hell, bring back cyclamates like they used to have in Fresca, at least they didn’t leave an after taste like aspartame.

    • Angel Warrior

      But they cause cancer just like Aspartame….
      Just use sugar! At least your brain can use it and what isn’t burn’t off in the body will not cause cancer or alzheimers.


    I quit drining all carbonated sodas almost 3 years ago; they cause esophagael bleeding and make my cancer worse. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke anything either.

  • David in MA

    I heard that there is aspartame in pigs food to make them eat more, it’s a hunger stimulant….
    I also understand it is a residue from aluminum processing.
    Anybody able to confirm this?

    • Ryan Healy

      Aspartame messes with your taste receptors. Your body thinks it’s getting calories when you’re not, so your normal feelings of satiety become confused and you eat more. People who consume aspartame are fatter than people who don’t consume it. This has been confirmed in recent studies. Aspartame also increases risk of diabetes.

      • David in MA

        “Aspartame also increases risk of diabetes.”
        Ironic, diabetics use it in place of sugar……
        And, come to think of it the people I know who are diabetic are “heavy”.


    I never use sugar substitutes and never drink diet soda of any kind. I still have many of the medical problems mentioned in this email. I agree with the comment provided by” aware”. Maybe the FDA needs to do there job for a change.

    • Town Crier

      The FDA is controlled by big money – especially Monsanto, who would kill the whole country if they could make a buck from doing so! Their biggest threat is their genetically altered “Roundup-ready” seeds – Most of our grown food is now mildly poisonous and lacking nutrition!

  • Peter_Mosquiter

    I think you mean to slam on the “brakes.”

  • Doc

    Seriously have to give up my diet coke.

  • jana

    I did a, report on GMOs and it is also in aspertame. I have a friend who is deathly allergic to aspertame. We went to lunch and he is consious about it and asked questions about what was in the food and mentioned his allergies and she laughed. I said she wouldn’t be laughing when the restaurant would have to pay hospitalization.

  • Pama Bennett

    ‘slam on the breaks’??? how about “brakes”? Can’t take you too seriously when you can’t even make spell-check work.

  • Bob McMahan

    The famous pornographer Hugh Hefner is known also for continuously drinking Diet Pepsi. He seems to be healthy and active.