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The Truth About Weight Loss

JJ Virgin is an author, television personality, and health guru. She frequently counsels people on weight loss, and she believes in telling the truth. She talked about that in a recent article:

I’m pretty honest with my friends, and this is what I tell them: If you want to lose weight, stop focusing on exercise. Now, I’m not telling you not to exercise. I’m the most pro-exercise person on the planet, but for weight-loss success you need to shift your focus.

Virgin says there are three things you need to do in order to attain, and maintain, your ideal weight:

1. Understand that losing weight is all about what you eat.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with diet information, so make a simple plan and stick to it. Begin with food, then later you can add in exercise for long-term weight management and your general health.

2. Change your diet, one step at a time.

Clean up your diet in logical steps. Ditch sugar. Be sure to read labels; sugar is hidden in most prepared foods. Stop eating processed foods, anything prepared in the factory. If you think you may have any food intolerance, try an elimination diet to remove gluten, dairy and other suspects, as these will interfere with weight loss. Then cut back on the offending foods.

3. Once you have established a healthy diet, then begin a regular exercise program.

After you settle into your new eating plan, Virgin does recommend you start exercising. You don’t want to become thin on the outside, fat on the inside, sometimes called “TOFI”. TOFI people are lean but have little muscle mass.

Exercise helps you stay toned and muscular. Exercise helps you maintain your weight loss by burning up your fat-storing enzymes. It also amps up your metabolism to ensure you burn more calories than fat. Finally, exercise helps you avoid disease.

Don’t delude yourself, however. You can’t do a killer workout and follow it with a hot fudge sundae, and still expect to watch the fat melt away. It just won’t happen.

Instead, take the smart, balanced approach. Start with a healthy diet, add in consistent exercise, and finally, get enough sleep. This formula will lead to lasting weight loss.