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The Easiest, Most Natural Way To Lose Weight and Speed Up Your Metabolism – No Dieting, Exercise, Pills Or Surgery

31873571_sMost of us have a few pounds to lose at some point in our lives or other. Unfortunately it is a lot easier to put on weight than to take it off. Usually, when we think of weight loss, we imagine unpleasant things that involve hard work and planning, like a vigorous exercise regimen, or forgoing our favorite foods, and eating a lot less food in general. Some even resort to taking diet pills and supplements that come with hosts of unpleasant side effects, or as a last resort, there are those who turn to radical procedures like gastric bypass surgery.

Now, there is a natural way you can lose weight. It does not involve any work, dieting or radical procedures. It is a simple, natural experience that many of our ancestors had to go through for many months of the year: being cold.

What does being cold have to do with weight loss? Ray Cronise, a former NASA scientist has plenty to say on the matter. Cronise’s research was in cold exposure and it’s benefits – his job was to figure out how to keep astronauts alive in the sub-zero temperatures in space.

Cronise became fascinated with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who was reputed to eat upwards of 12,000 calories a day, which is over 5 times more than what the average American eats daily. At this rate, it seemed physically impossible that he maintained his weight, as conventional science says he would have to be swimming at full speed every waking hour in order to burn off that many calories and not gain weight. But Cronise figured out the trick: Phelps was burning off the extra calories by being immersed in cold water for many hours a day.

Because Cronise was trying to lose weight himself at the time, he self experimented by taking cold showers and going for walks shirtless during the winter. He lost a total of 26.7 pounds in 6 weeks simply doing this. He also discovered that his metabolism was changing, and that his body was now using energy to maintain his body temperature rather than storing it as fat.

The idea behind all this is that our ancestors experienced temperature variations in ways that our modern society does not. Thus, our obesity epidemic today is due in part to malnutrition, and lack of physical activity, but also chronic over warmth, attributed to modern electricity and technology. Most of us are lucky to always be warm whenever we want to be, by turning up the heat, or having hot food readily available, and constantly bundling up in warm clothes and electric blankets.

Now, nobody is recommending that you expose yourself to dangerously low temperatures. Nobody wants frostbite or hypothermia. But if you are having trouble losing weight, you could try shedding a layer or two, just enough to make you a little uncomfortable, lowering the temperature in your house by several degrees, and training yourself to sleep without being covered up all night.

Now, even in the summers, there are even special ice vests coming up on the market that you can wear for a few hours during the day.

So this winter, give it a try – let yourself get a little chilly. You may just shed a few pounds while doing so.

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