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The Dangers of Root Canals

Although root canals continue to be a standard practice in most dental offices, more and more dentists are advising against them. In a root canal, most if not all of the nerve in the tooth is removed. As a patient, you can eat again, and the pain is gone. Unfortunately, however, a root canal is a temporary solution and often the beginning of a chronic problem. Many doctors now believe root canals can damage the immune system and negatively affect your overall health.

During a root canal, a chemical solution is used to remove bacteria from the area, but there is always a potential for bacteria to linger. Millions of microscopic tubules live beneath the surface of the gums, and it is unlikely they can be eradicated with a disinfecting agent. Studies show up to half of bacteria survive after the gums are treated with sodium hypochlorite, a commonly used disinfectant. Even after a tooth is sealed off, anaerobic bacteria can thrive.

Research conducted by Stuart Nunnally, D.D.S., M.S. monitored the outcomes of patients who had had root canals, and the results were disconcerting. Within a period of three years following the procedure, every one of the 87 patients in the study experienced a significant decline in overall health. Scientists postulate that pathogens left after a root canal multiply and produce toxins that spread to other parts of the body. Dangerous organisms are free to invade what is left of the tooth, then circulate from there into the bloodstream and throughout the body. Toxins and pathogens contribute to disease and degeneration. Because they are oxidative, these pathogens deplete the body’s supply of antioxidants, opening the door for disease.

World-renowned cancer specialist, Dr. Joseph Issels, insists that his patients have any dead teeth removed as part of his treatment protocol. In his book, Cancer: A Second Opinion, Dr. Issels expresses his belief that teeth treated with root canal – teeth that are essentially dead – cause disease. He says he has treated more than 16,000 cancer patients over four decades, and more than 90 percent of those patients had between two and 10 dead teeth left after root canals. He thinks the resulting toxins can cause cancer.

Of course, the best solution is to keep your teeth healthy. Natural health experts recommend tooth cleansing methods like oil pulling to support your oral health.

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