Study Shows Drinking Cow’s Milk Causes Early Death

IMG_4407.JPGThe British Medical Journal has published research showing that long term milk consumption has adverse effects on health and may impact mortality rates negatively.

This large scale study tracked over 100,000 Swedish people from ages about 39-74 for over two decades. The results were that the more cow’s milk people drank, the more likely they were to experience bone fracture or die during that period.

Notably, the risks were more pronounced for women – who are traditionally a group encouraged to drink milk to prevent osteoporosis. In the study, women who drank three or more glasses of milk a day had almost double the chance of death during the study compared to those who drank one glass or less, one glass being 200ml.

Problems with pasteurization
There are several issues noted with this food, especially the pasteurized version. First of all, the pasteurization process destroys nutrients and enzymes like vitamin C, water soluble B vitamins and phosphatase, an enzyme crucial for calcium absorption.

Second, magnesium is also destroyed during pasteurization, minimizing the calcium absorption rate. Add to this the fact that pasteurization creates calcium carbonate which cannot enter your cells without a chelating agent, and you have a situation where your body actually has to pull calcium from your bones in order to buffer the calcium carbonate. It is no wonder that America, one of the highest dairy consumers in the world, also has the highest rate of osteoporosis.

Milk causes inflammation
When lactose in milk breaks down, it releases a byproduct called galactose. Galactose causes inflammation. The British study found that the more milk people drank, the more inflammatory molecules were present in their urine.

Cancer from Milk?
One of the most powerful growth hormones identical in humans and cows is called Insulin-like Growth Factor ONE (IGF-1). Diets that are higher in calories and animal proteins tend to boost this hormone. Milk boosts this hormone. Unfortunately, IGF-1 is a key factor in the rapid growth and spread of breast, colon and prostate cancers, as well as encouraging accelerated aging. A report from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research found that in numerous studies, cancer risk were parallel to milk consumption.

For all these reasons, it is not recommended to consume high amounts of milk, especially pasteurized milk. There are far more risks than advantages when it comes to the nutritional value.

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  • cyclemama33

    Don’t know what kind of cows those people drank but I am 81 years old and have been drinking cows milk all my life and I am a very healthy person. I do not believe this report.

    • DrRGP

      Along the same line, my uncle smoked four to five packs of Camel regulars from the age of (he told me) 16 to when he died a year ago in a boating accident at the age of 97. However, this single instance does not nullify the empirical generalization, based on, among other things, the law of large numbers (and aggregate-based thinking generally), that, other things equal, heavy smokers do not live as long as nonsmokers. The same principle be true of milk drinkers–assuming, for argument’s sake, that the study is methodologically sound. More research may be needed. Meanwhile, expect counterclaims from the diary industry.

      • Patriot954

        A rational viewpoint. I have the same viewpoint about food colorings, flavorings , and preservatives.

      • David Foss


      • dlynch

        Your Uncle had a great immune system. I used to smoke 3 packs of Pall Mall a day and a box of Dutch Master cigars a week and smoke a pipe in between and chew Red Man and the end of cigars and I am 83. I am shooting for 105. I come from a family of long lifers. The ones that died before 89 were killed in accidents or from a contracted disease.

    • johnanaguski

      77 and Ditto.

      • Russ

        67 and counting..


      The article stated that the more cows milk that people drank then the more risk and especially in woman that drank more than three glasses a day. I have no doubt that Genetics plays a part which is no considered here. There are also people who are lactose intolerant in various degrees. I eat three or four eggs every morning and it doesn’t make difference . I know people who have a problem eating that many eggs. One thing is certain and that is the fact that pasteurized milk dose destroy good bacteria. Look at your labels . Just a cup of milk which is only 8 ounces has 12 grams of sugar whether it is whole ,1% or 2%. . A glass is about 16 ounces which is 24 grams of sugar . Three of those glasses a day would be 72 grams of sugar a day. Anybody that thinks that 72 grams of sugar a day is not a problem is kidding themselves. I suspect this is the real problem .

      • Patriot954

        I did NOT know about the sugar. Thanks for the information.

        • Katherine Gabriel

          It’s obvious from the name of this website that it is very objective. Not.

        • dlynch

          right, right , right you are but the immune system can vere off a lot of this stuff. Some systems can handle poison….but very few. Taking a really good COQ10 can keep your system better than it is. Get it at a pure food store that is run by its owner.

          • Patriot954

            Excellent idea.

      • Rosech Levy

        Not genetics just the wrong type of cow milk. Really bad for those who suffer infertility too, and just think of colic in children, and so many severe diseases today due to milk intake and the many chemicals in it. There are many random control trials (creme de la creme in medical reports) about the dangers of milk. Processing always destroys nutrients and so many are not taking the right supplements to compensate.

        • David Foss

          At all levels! Even the vaccines and Flu shots! How many know the deadly additives in them? We see children all over the country having deadly symptoms after being vaccinated! WE WANT AMERICA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • squishy

            Vaccines are laced with mercury–hard metal that causes Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. Never heard of all the A– conditions of children with learning disabilities until they came up with chicken pox vaccine~~~~I believe it is part of “dumbing down America” for the One World Government to take over.

          • David Foss

            I agree! The people at the “FDA” should be prosecuted for passing bad food “GMO”! Soy beans “94% GMO, corn mostly GMO, cows, chickens. etc! Our government has become so corrupt that we can hardly hope to find good vegetables or anything else to eat that would be good for us!!! Pump everything full of crap so it will grow bigger and better and be immune to insecticides!! So we eat the insecticides. So we have to be poisoned at every meal! BS
            To eat healthy, we would have to grow our own, and raise our own!!

          • squishy

            We have so much preservatives in our systems, it is going to put embalming out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Katherine Gabriel

        The ‘sugar’ in milk is lactose, not to be confused with the white refined sugar, sucrose, that most Americans are ingesting.

      • squishy

        I never heard of lactose intolerant until they started feeding dairy cows CRAP!!

      • Carol Johnson

        They remove the butterfat to make butter, cottage cheese, etc.

    • Natalie Jarnstedt

      The point being that you are 81 years old means that when you started drinking milk, things were a lot better! The milk available now comes from cows that are routinely fed massive amounts of antibiotics and growth hormones.

      I will be 74 years old and have given up dairy products in 1985 when I became vegetarian and now vegan. I grew up on picking up fresh milk from a farmer, which meant that it was reasonably good milk. However, we are the only species on this planet that drinks another species’ milk for the rest of our lives, not a as calf would, to reach over 1,000 lbs in a short time!

      • Patriot954

        For more information on cows milk see

        • David Foss

          I checked it out. Looked like a lot of info on it. Thanks

      • Rosech Levy

        As a health consultant, never a vegan nor vegetarian for many reasons. Read Vegetarian Myths and find out why. You are ingesting a sickening diet and upsetting the planet’s balance. Thank you for so doing. NOT!

        • Natalie Jarnstedt

          Are you saying that a vegan/vegetarian life style is sickening and by not being vegan/vegetarian one is upsetting the planet’s balance? Seriously? The balance is being upset by the abnormal number of millions of animals raised under sickening conditions, pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones, polluting streams, rivers, soil, atmosphere, etc. By the way, which vegetarian myths would you like me/us to read – there are myths that are backed by the beef/milk/poultry councils that pooh-pooh anything but their “food”, and there are myths from respected physicians and dieticians who favor a plant-based diet. There are myths, and there are myths.

          • David Foss

            YES! Myths on top of myths! I used to be a vegetarian and felt great! I have cut down somewhat on red meat, but then most “if not all” store bought vegetables are GMO! However, we can trust Obama and the government to keep us safe!! I also have ocean front property in the middle of the desert for sale at a fair market price!

          • Natalie Jarnstedt

            Hmm, you sound like a really happy guy!

          • David Foss


      • squishy

        When I was a kid, we lived a long ways from town. We ate and drank what we had including fresh UNpasteurized milk, straight from the cow. God help us if she ate a bad tasting weed!! So, yes, all the chemicals and bad food they feed dairy cows for milk production is what is WRONG with milk—not the cows fault~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Katherine Gabriel

      75 and ditto. BTW “Studies” can show anything ‘they’ want it to show. Just structure that study right and Bingo! The “British Medical Journal”. “Swedish people”. Really?

      • onlymho

        I don’t know about the BMJ but you need to read why Swedes are often selected for medical studies

    • tired

      But now they give the cows growth hormones and all kinds of medicine to keep them “well” and make more milk and it comes right out to humans-all in the name of money. Nothing is safe anymore since the government got involved

      • J David Long

        all you need do is look for “rBST” on the label, and the FDA quote “There has been no link between health issues and the use of rSBT hormones used in cows”

        • tired

          So who believes those guys??

          • Glenn Sellers

            Well, we all know that the FDA is the best at protecting our health that money can buy. (Of course, that could be said about any governmental agency.)

          • David Foss

            Right! I know better than to trust them! We know that the government is corrupt at all levels! The FDA; VA, NSA, IRS, on and on!! IF YOU LIKE YOUR HEALTH CARE PLAN; YOU CAN KEEP IT!!! RIGHT! i’LL BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!!

          • James Maxwell

            I know as a VET using my VA benifits the quality of service has gone
            down over the past 6 years. When I retired in 87 the service was
            not that great and it was slow at best, but since 2006 when the
            Democrats got control of both houses of Congress it has been on
            a down hill slide as has the rest of our nation.

          • David Foss

            Yeah James, that just isn’t right. I believe that our military is more or less the back bone of our country! In any field I am aware that their are nut cases, but as a whole our military should be honored and shown respect! I almost went to Nam, but 4F, because of back problems I didn’t go. Thank you for being one of those willing to stand for our country!! Words are never enough. I can hardly believe that our government would or could ever treat people the way they do; that stood ready to fight and die for our country! Now our leader wants his private army ; that will fire on our own citizens!! However it is such a chore, it seems, for him to even salute our servicemen as he steps off the plane! My dad was a lifer and always proud to be an American! I have always been proud too, but now I wonder how politicians could toss us all under the bus without even blinking! This has always been a country founded in Christianity, but now because of our leader, we are supposed to honor our dear ISIS and terrorists friends that rape little girls and behead our people whenever they have the chance! How can we be proud of learders that pour millions into terrorist activities,lie to the American people, and step on our constitution? They allow Islam to be taught in out schools! It seems the terrorist have more rights here now than we Americans do. They want to make it where our ex-military, combat veterans are now unfit to own a gun because of “PTSD”! Fight and die on foreign soil but not fit to protect their families when they return from the battle field!!!! I am mad as hell and want my country back!!

          • David Foss

            Also, It can be compared to a bee hive! When the queen bee is passive so is the hive. When the queen is aggressive, so is the hive! When our queen President is corrupt then so are most that work for them!

          • mrsgunnut10

            You mis-spelled the word “queen” David. It should have been ” Queer “.

          • the American

            Lol queer bee…..

          • mrsgunnut10

            Good Question ??????????????

        • squishy

          The FDA said thalidomide was safe also. Ask the deformed and disabled people how safe it was!!!! Who ever pays them gets to market anything they want!!

      • David Burke

        Your more likely to be killed by medications you doctor prescribes you than milk… All medications are poisonous to us in some degree one way or another.

      • PatriotVet

        Buy organic only.

    • Sam W

      I’m only 68 but drink milk every day and go through lots of milk. What are these people trying to do? Scare everyone into not drinking milk or using dairy products?

      • ourzoo10

        Evidently, and at the same time they are probably ingesting “hormone laden” Soy products. I was raised on a family farm. They ONLY things that could digest Soy were the animals. Being of Northern European decent, I have only had a problem with milk once…I became temporarily Lactose Intolerant during Chemo treatment. I now drink atleast 4 glasses a day. I have been cancer free for 15 years.

    • Madravenspeak

      Milk is acidic and acidity robs bones of calcium…long known medical fact. Inflammation is a huge cause of illness. The milk you drank in your early years ( at age 81) is nothing like the antibiotic-laden, toxic milk of today. Milk is bad for your health. Well established fact – as is all dairy. Bad for the planet as well. 60 billion cattle with 7 billion people on the earth is a huge part of climate catastrophe ( World Watch Institute intensive studies put it at 51% causation ) and displacement of wildlife. 52% non-human life on the planet has been destroyed in the past 40 years – we are causing a mass extinction as we monopolize the planet to a few species we enjoy hoarding, causing great suffering and extinction of the web of life that supports human life:

      • Patriot954

        Excellent information about acidic nature of milk. But I disagree about “climate catastrophe. These people are looking for an excuse to tax us into poverty.

    • William 1

      And you probably voted for Obummer! Not everyones system is impacted the same-you probably eat what is missing in the milk or compensates for abused pasteurised milk! Facts are facts!

      • Rosech Levy

        And these are verified facts. As a bioresearcher milk ain’t for any body but a calf’s!

        • Katherine Gabriel

          A calf’s what, oh hallowed bioresearcher.

    • Rosech Levy

      Milk from Holstein cows is the toxic death killer as aminos too large for humans. Milk from Jerseys and Guernseys is good and that is why French cheeses are so yummy! and they will not import milk from us. I also see no reason for us to support milk corporations! Since the 1950′ and again in the 1970’s it was proven that the A1 milk in this country was toxic and a poison and why so many infants then and now die. I have never liked and use only a little to cook with. Raw milk is difficult to find and is way too expensive for most people. Milk and wheat are killer poison. I congratulate you if you have lived this long and have no illnesses, but somehow I don’t believe you are not taking drugs for disease conditions. As a health consultant, I see way too many elderly on drugs and milk and wheat.

      • Katherine Gabriel

        Your case is way over-stated. “Milk from Holstein cows is the toxic death killer as amino acids too large for humans.” “Milk and wheat are killer poison”. Seriously, get a grip. BTW, please state references for those “Studies done in the 50’s and 70’s whereby it was ‘proven’ that A1 milk (whatever that is) is toxic and poisonous and caused “so many infants to die” As a medical professional, I have never heard of one case of infant death due to drinking cows’ milk. Some children lack the enzyme lactonase that make it difficult to digest the sugar, lactose, in milk, but that causes indigestion, not death.

    • David Foss

      Well, Thanks for sharing that! Of course they even stated that milk was going to have some sweetener added to make kids like it more! Now with the “GMO”s in everything we eat, it is hard to find healthy food! The FDA can’t be trusted. They OK anything, any kind of poison, just so long as they are paid off! When you were growing up, I believe their wasn’t near the corruption! I’m 64 and miss being able to eat healthy foods like I did growing up on a farm! Our milk was real and un-doctored. Our meat and vegetables were all fresh and lacked any GMO’s. A time before our government became so corrupt they even allowed people to contaminate all that we eat! Unless bought directly from an organic farmer; we are poisoned with every bite! SAD! We need our country back!!!!

    • Betty G. Withers

      I celebrated my 80th yesterday and I too have been drinking milk all of my life.

    • momsense1

      My mother will be 94 next year and has been drinking milk since she was able to. Maybe they should look at things like alcohol consumption in stead.

    • mrsgunnut10

      Ditto Cyclemama33. I am also 81 years old and the only time we couldn’t drink our cow’s milk was when she ate some ” Dog Fenel “, it tasted horrible. I do not believe this report either nor do I believe this Climate Change Crap. Mama Nature always changes her Weather to suit her conditions not the Scientist’s Conditions. Fire all of these people, QUIT wasteing our Tax Payer Dollars on things that come around NORMAL. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    Just amazing Humans have been drinking cows milk since they realized cows had utters. We are all insane. Anything to get out of this hell hole early is fine with me

    • Pig1

      Sounds like a PETA project.

      • Natalie Jarnstedt

        Sorry, this is much too vague for any PETA project….

    • Rosech Levy

      Ah, it is the breed of cow that is important. However, the USA started pushing Holsteins because of huge milk given. Wrong cow, bad milk.

      • Kenneth Fichtl

        In my lifetime Everything has been touted as “BAD ‘ for humans Meat, eggs, chicken fish , nuts grains Water .It is the amount and the crap they put in it salt sugar drugs. I am starting to side with the Elite.Humanity is the Problem not the solution.The sooner they kill the majority of us the better. I can’t even live around all these dumb asses anymore. Life is simple but money gets in the way. This is the End of America. Maybe it is the “BREED” of the humans that is the real problem. All we do is lie cheat and steal anyway no one actually works or fixes anything. My smart phone does that. Like Obamacare life is a Tax and people are stupid

  • Jeff Bottaro

    Udder nonsense.

    • Sam W

      Now I’m thirsty and need a splash of MILK…..

  • Sylvia Rigor

    Maybe been alright till they started adding all the steroids and other poision to it.

  • Paula Williams Deal

    I am allergic to cow’s milk. My grandparents discovered it when I was young. So my grandfather went out and got a Nanny goat for milk for me. Worked. I could drink the goat’s milk.

  • sharon

    What totally insane crap, the worse nonsense I have ever heard so far, they just keep making up this crap, stop it.

  • dan miller

    You and your””study””is so full of what is left after the cow chews her cud.

    • Rosech Levy

      Ignorance really, truly is not bliss and you are ignorant in this case.

  • larry

    I think they should “m-o-o-o-v-e” this article to the trash can where it belongs! 🙂

    • Madravenspeak
      • Natalie Jarnstedt

        I have the video, and although I know all about the horrors, it still keeps me awake..I watch it periodically, reminding me to let others know what animals must endure for those who still don’t get it. I wonder if any of those who pooh-poohed the article realize the extreme cruelty involved in just the production of milk, never mind the rest….

  • playnice

    Gee in the 90’s there was a physician study and a nurse’s study that had followed patients for 20 plus years it was written up in the Reader’s Digest because the medical profession buried it. In those two studies those that drank milk and were a little heavier outlived their non-drinking counterparts and had less illness. Go figure which study has the liars?

    • Natalie Jarnstedt

      It’s not a matter of lying, it’s a matter of research and science. But that’s OK, those who want to continue, go ahead – no one is trying to take milk away from anyone!

      • Katherine Gabriel

        It’s about furthering an agenda.

        • Natalie Jarnstedt

          Whose agenda would that be? There is no stronger lobby than the dairy and beef industry, therefore I doubt very much that it may be anyone’s ulterior motives at work! Whose agenda and for what purpose, pray tell?
          This article didn’t even touch on the many reasons one shouldn’t be drinking milk any more – I can just imagine how much more of an uproar that this could have caused. Please people – no one is making you stop drinking milk, get over it, and keep on drinking!

          • Madravenspeak

            Actually if you want a living planet we just cannot continue to have 60 billion farm animals that need to have monoculture as food. No wildlife left. We will not live on a dead planet. And World Watch Institute intensive studies ( google “Livestock’s Long Shadow) proved a decade ago that dead carcass consumption and dairy are 51% cause of climate change which will take us out as a species.

            We are the most cruel and ignorant species on earth – destroying other living beings as though they were not important and their suffering irrelevant. Our karma is coming down. But unfortunately the rest of life will pay the price as well. Perhaps in millions of years new species will respect life.

            Lack of reverence for life is our fatal flaw:

          • Patriot954

            The World Watch Institute is backing the UN on the drive to institute strict control over every human on earth. There is your agenda. “No wildlife left” is another scare tactic.Karma is your religious viewpoint. My viewpoint is that you only live ONCE. The human soul is not recycled.

          • Madravenspeak

            Agreed on the only living once – so why not be kind and let other species have their lives and contribute their role in the mystery of life. Karma is here and now – with depleted water systems, chemical fracking and cancer and poisoned food systems, cruel slaughterhouses, obesity, heart disease, and a mass extinction. Pity you people do not believe in science.

          • Rosech Levy

            Fracking is NOT chemical now for years and nothing enters our aquifers! Get informed and work for an oil company and get the truth.

          • Rosech Levy

            You need to know more about balance. We need animals to nurture the soil to grow veggies, fruits, etc. Insisting on one leaves the other out of balance. Called homeostasis of planet and our bodies.

          • Patriot954

            You are still arguing your religious viewpoint. In my religion we are encouraged to enjoy the products of the earth, which includes beef, lamb, chicken, ducks, turkey, etc. This is not lack of “reverence for life.” Lack of “reverence for life” occurs when people ignore starving and dying people in the public streets as is done in India. Also there is no karma. You have one life to live, only. Then comes judgment.

      • Madravenspeak

        As my father said – “Let them eat carcasses and mucous – less people on the planet!” His father died at age 52, but because my dad gave up meat and dairy early, he lived to age 90.

    • Rosech Levy

      Not true and not a real study as required to prove a point.

  • Keynone Taylor

    Also, this article doesn’t address drinking raw unpasteurized milk, which our grandparents gree up on.

    • Katherine Gabriel

      My kids too. Breast fed, then bought a Jersey cow when they were weaned. Kids had raw Jersey milk every day. Now all are middle aged and HEALTHY.

      • David Foss

        That’s great!

    • Natalie Jarnstedt

      That’s what I grew up on…and milk was very different then.

    • David Foss

      No, different as night and day!

  • Rachel

    My father drinks 3-4 glasses a day and will be 90 next June. This study is BS

    • Madravenspeak


  • lostdutchman

    Gist of this blurb is “don’t drink milk in Sweden”…I can do that, and have. Lately, following British examples or advice is another “no-no”.

  • Charles A. Stone

    Next birthday, 92—-drank milk out of the bottle unpasteurized left on the doorstep, drank the frozen cream in the winter off the top of the bottle. Still drink about a quart of milk a day, Pilot in WW2, down-hill skied all my life, have never broken a bone in my body, still fly, ski & snowmobile. (knock on wood)****. They probably want us to drink some imitation man made voodoo water. Charles A. Stone WW2 Naval Air-Corps Veteran & Life Member NRA.

    • David Foss

      I’d say you’ve got a good track record! Thanks for fighting for our country!

    • dlynch

      Me too!! I was in a VF squadron in 1949 AD working on Hellcats mostly at NARTU Naval Air Anacostia, DC Thank you for your service. I am shooting for age 105!!

      • Guest

        WOW, good for you and Thanks!

  • morgantownmm

    I grew up drinking unpasteurized Holstein milk and I am 65 and my bone density is excellent for a women. I also had grandparents and 4 great aunts that also drank unpasteurized milk and they lined into their 90’s and 100+ years. The problem is not the milk but the processing. You cannot add chemicals and preservatives without side effects.

  • Bill Meeker

    The only way I could see premature death or bone fractures is when people are drinking their milk directly from the cow’s udder.

    • David in MA

      Never hurt the barn cat.

      • JeanneD

        Or her 9 lives, either !

  • dick63532

    I was 82 in August this year. I drink four gallons of 2% milk every week. I don’t take any prescription medicine and have no physical problems. I think these people are drinking too much “cool aid”!

    • gunnygil

      4 gallons per WEEK? I think not sir. Maybe per month but not per week. Your credibility just took a major hit. You got me by 12 years but I drink only Skim due to fat content of whole, 2%, 1%, and old age metabolism

    • Madravenspeak

      Humans are definitely drinking too much blood and mucous. Suffering and death. Watch the documentary EARTHLINGS on you tube. We are the most abusive species on earth by far:

  • bgsmithh

    I pay no attention to government studies like this? Why? Because the way the people performing the studies make their money is by petitioning their government for money to perform studies. Just look at all the studies like this over the years that have concluded something to be bad for you, then a few studies later they find that they were wrong in the first study and what they had told you was bad for you is actually beneficial.

  • Illumenatum

    My friend, age 83, regularly drinks cow’s milk. I watched him run two miles in about 30 minutes last week. My wife and I are in our 70’s, I drink milk, she doesn’t, my bones and teeth are in better shape.

  • ConservativeSenior

    Is this a plan to destroy the dairy industry? Sounds like somebody didn’t get the bribe that was expected. (Yes, I am a complete cynic.) This is complete horse manure.

    • Madravenspeak

      No – but the dairy factory farms are very cruel and very good and marketing their cruelty.

      • Patriot954

        Give it a rest. Your fanaticism is boorish.

        • Madravenspeak

          Ah yes – causing massive suffering and death to other sentient beings is such a bore.

          • Patriot954

            Proselytizing your religion.

          • Madravenspeak

            Nothing religious about it. In fact, religion and it’s “dominion” conveniently interpreted as DOMINATION is a huge part of the problem – also great fodder through the ages for war-mongering. Respect for all life is simply common sense in a world where 60 billion slaughterhouse animals take up the habitat ( and destroy it ) of wildlife that supports all life.

          • Patriot954

            A strange statement. Wild animals on grassland supports all life but a cow on grassland is destroying all life. Definitely a strange viewpoint. People in India are starving to death while cattle are protected instead of harvested for food. That qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.

          • Madravenspeak

            “Harvested”? Must be a serial killing hunter or trapper. They “harvest” life as if it were a crop of potatos – sort of like the Israelis “mowing the lawn” of Palestinians regularly. I guess you have not studied the concept of “biodiversity”. The poorly understood and intricately balanced web of a lot of wildlife interacting provide life services for each other and us that a dead world of mono-cultured singular species cannot ( like cows, sheep, chickens, pigs by the billions replacing diversity ) . Then there are the GMO toxic corn fields and grain and hay fields needed ( and soybean crops taking out the Amazon ) to feed these singular feedlots.

            Respect for life in India is eroding along with their health and overpopulation of humans – the latter the real problem.

  • David in MA

    What this tells me s there is or will be a reduction in the milk cow herd, probably because they fart and cause global warming. Just another why to reduce the consumers use of milk before “culling the herd”.
    I no longer drink milk because of the medications and growth hormones they inject.
    If I drink a quart a month it would be a surprise……… and I feel better without it!

    • David in MA

      P.S. I am now 77 years old, started out on unpasteurized milk and drank milk for years, but I do not drink it like I used to any more.

  • abbeyc

    Growing old also causes death. (This article is idiotic!!!)

  • Jim Ingram

    They are full of crap, I to drank cows milk usually a quart for each meal until I left home to go in the military. I am past 70 years old, never had a broke bone yet, played sports and worked hard most of my life. These people want to sell a book or maybe sell a new vitamin, or possibly be on TV that seems to measure life`s success. We were raised on potatoes,and beans, and hog, covered in gravy.

    • Madravenspeak

      And pigs as intelligent as dogs – and not the ones destroying the water, the climate, the world.

  • Kathleen

    With all of the processing, GMO’s and chemicals, one has to be very specific in what they are talking about. I am sure this is pasteurized milk, grain fed (I don’t know if they allow GMO or not), if they are giving vaccines and chemical wormers, all of this makes a difference. I raise my own animals for food and feed only grass, care for them herbaly and do not vaccinate. Of course people have a tendency to over indulge also. I really wish that when these studies are done that they would delve more into the exact specifics of what the “food” is.

    • Patriot954

      Your choices are good. Even without the vaccines and chemical wormers grain fed cattle have a severe imbalance in omega 3 and 6. Grass fed cattle are healthier for us.

      • Madravenspeak

        No slaughterhouses are better for everyone indoctrinated into a cruel and unhealthy carcass diet.

        • Patriot954

          Why don’t you hall your carcASS and your religious fanaticism back to India.

          • Madravenspeak

            I would love to visit India but I am English so not likely I will go there since I know noone there. Your boorish insults are fun.

          • Patriot954

            Your crazy ideas are laughable. The animals are not equal to us. You worship the creation, not the creator. None of you who believe such foolish things give up there mam-made houses, their man-made clothing, their man-made computers, etc, and go wondering with the wild animal. Try that for a few days and you will find out you won’t survive for long.

          • Madravenspeak

            The animals are more than equal to the human animal. They are not forcing 700 chemicals into our water systems to bring up toxic fuels to put into the atmosphere to destroy the climate. They are not hoarding 60 billion other animals for gluttony ( a “sin” according to the made up convenient “God” who annointed man to be the grand destroyer of all creation ). Non-human animals are not digging up coal and excavating oil to destroy the Gulf of Mexico and the ocean edge of continents where Jacques Cousteau documented that 95% of the ocean nurseries of life are born. They are not trawling the oceans to deaden them and then also putting atrazine and nitrogen and poisons on mono-cultured farm fields as run-off into lakes and waters. They are not mangling millions of innocent animals in medieval traps . They are not transforming the climate, the air quality, deforesting the earth and overpopulating to cement and pave over the planet.

            And yes – they try to survive on the remnants of fragmented lands left for them after we have transformed the planet for our utility with no consideration for their survival. Wolves and natural predators are killed for eating on this planet – all of it is for us.

            We will not live on a dead planet, alone in our glorious arrogance and violence.

          • Patriot954

            Now I know why no one else replies to toy. You are a fruitcake. This is my last communication.

    • Rosech Levy

      Thank you and wished you lived close to us so we could purchase our meat from you. Red meat is essential to the body and nutrient absorption which makes me laugh at vegans and vegetarians. Don’t eat meat and die of osteoporosis and heart attacks like everyone else, and not having fun nor enjoying a great steak. I am a bioresearcher and study reports and they should too. I hear a lot they are living long lives but down deep ain’t true and they suffer many diseases. I live in nut and fruit land and see this all the time.

      • Madravenspeak

        Actually you should read up. Meat and dairy are extremely acidic which means that they rob calcium from your bones. Some bioresearcher. That information is decades known.

  • ddearborn

    It is as commented on below the drugs, hormones GMO feed and of course the pasteurization that turns milk into a toxic cocktail. Pure unadulterated raw milk is incredibly healthy. How ironic that such an obviously deceptive article like this is published on a website that starts with “natural”

  • xoxozo

    Wait for a few years…a study will come out praising the benefits of milk.

    • Madravenspeak

      Not likely. The planet is overrun with cows and humans sucking at their teats. Too many of one thing and not enough diversity is a recipe for disaster.

    • Patriot954

      The benefits of milk articles have already been written. Studying both sides of an issue is the way to go. For the negative side try

    • Natalie Jarnstedt

      Not unless it becomes the milk that it should be, not filled with growth hormones and antibiotics – it’s still meant to grow a calf into a 1,000 lb. animal in a short time…..

  • Natalie Jarnstedt

    This article is very basic; there’s so much more. In case anyone is seriously interested as to why milk isn’t as great as the dairy industry wants them to believe it is, here’s some detailed information on milk:

    • Madravenspeak

      To say nothing of the damage of our human bias of cruelty to the climate, the water systems depleted by using enough water to float a battleship to raise one cow to slaughter or milking age.

      • Debra

        “Somebody please take her back to the unit.” No reply needed. You get your rest and God Bless.

    • Patriot954

      I got a 404 error when I tried to got to But still works.

      • Natalie Jarnstedt

        Sorry ’bout that – but URLs are always abbreviated in posting, although they should still work. Here it is again: – hope this comes through in its entirety and isn’t cut off after /mil…, although it should still work (does for me). If it does get cut off in posting, just add k.htm at the end of mil.

        • Patriot954

          It does work with k.htm added. Thank you.

  • pete0097

    Well I guess that I should have kept my wifes milk production going. My grandmother drank milk everyday (pasturized) ate 2 eggs with 4 slices of bacon for breakfast everyday, ate all of the organs of various animals, didn’t exercise after age 40. She was only 96 when she died. I wonder how long she would have lived if she had followed the experts advise. She also had no health problems but when her friends all died, she sort of gave up.

    • Rosech Levy

      Eggs and bacon are good, but milk is bad, PERIOD! Brag however you wish, but you ain’t telling the whole truth.

  • preacher0063

    I’ve heard some BS in my time but this takes the cake. lol

  • Dave Wilbur

    For the last word on cow’s milk Milk causes a disease for every letter of the

    of the alphabet. It is axiomatic that if God wanted us to drink milk, our mothers would be cows.

  • sharon

    What total BS, my mother lived to be 98, and she drank milk everyday of her life.

  • Quester59

    leave it to the British To come up with a Tall Tail like this, course they also support TEA Drinking, & Ireland’s Little people & The English Ghost in their Castles ?1 Makes one wonder what they’ve been mixing in with their milk?!
    Besides, I Grew up on Drinking FRESHLY SQUEEZED COWS MILK As Did my Dad & His Dad before him, & both Dad & Grandpa died in & near their 90’s.
    Besides all of this Garbage, Whom in Heck wants to live Forever?

  • Ironmike4610

    My grandmother was 98 when she passed away. I wonder if cows milk killed her?

  • Irvan

    I am 80 yrs. old and drink milk before anything else. I have to agree with cyclemama33. You and your report can take a flying leep!

  • jdbixii

    “The British Medical Journal has published research showing that long term milk consumption has adverse effects on health and may impact mortality rates negatively.”

    Are Jersey and Guernsey still afloat in the English Sleeve over there? We drank raw cow’s milk strained through common dish cloths for years as children growing up on farms. No ill effects have been noted and no birth defects from succeeding generations have occurred. I think the report is more bull prejudicing and maligning the productivity of cows than the evidence from experience would demonstrably indicate. The science field is suffering from the propagation of manure in vast quantities affecting the quality of air and preoccupying and tainting the thought processes of subjects subjecting themselves to it. From the varieties of local weather phenomena, the causality of which is believed to be remote, that is, “global” warming, to unprovable allegations concerning historically proven practices, science is no longer science, that is knowledge that is provable fact. It is November 14 and we have our first snowstorm of an inch-and-a-half accumulation of the season in New York, which is approximately a month earlier than normal. However, it is not that unusual to have snow flurries in November. Why be concerned about it? Life happens.

  • Oldhairold

    Can’t read the article for all those “share” icons on the left! I’m not going to go to the trouble to try & scroll one line at at time, at the bottom, or top.

  • AmericanJones

    I think the right question is>>>who is attacking the dairy industry and why? This is a propaganda scheme. nothing else.

  • gmhunt4

    This is by for the biggest “joke” of a study ever done, next to climate change. I am 63 years old have drank cows milk all my life and have NEVER had a broken or cracked bone.

  • dlynch

    rBST is banned in Europe and many other countries. Unpastuerized milk is much better for you. The enzymes etc in the raw milk keeps the milk fresher and staves off spoilage. Set a glass of raw milk and pastuerized milk side by side and the pasuuerized milk will clabber first. Geneically modified seeds for crops grown and fed to cows will affect the milk from those cows. We have lots of this stuff being fed to us through animals and that is why a lot of people go vegin. Then it is your immune system that kicks in also so if you are 90 years old and have drunk milk all your life, even though it is altered through geneically modified feed to cows, you could be in pretty good shape. But there are people who have parents that have all kinds of defective immune systems that their children have the same problems. Long lifers produce long lifers because of the immune system. There are doctors that have these good looking young Pharmaseudical reps that come into their office touting what the big pharma tells them to tell the doctor about new pharmaseudicals and the doctor goes ahead and treeats their patients accordingly. These reps have had every bit of 6 weeks indoctrination. That also plays into the final whole of the body….so no wonder we don’t live longer. The docs that have these reps in their office a lot are the ones to stear clear of.


    i and my 93 year old mother drink about 2 gallons per week…kinda puts a hole in your research…
    but with all the crap they pump into cows now..hormones of every discription…it may affect kids growing up now…

  • Russell Hanson

    Another study showing too much of a good thing is bad for you. My grampa told me that 60 years ago..

  • billyjshafer

    Do these bright boys understand. Cows milk is not pasteurized. That crap you buy in the store is not cows milk.

  • tomah57

    Raw grass fed cows milk is good , raw grass fed goats milk is better ,lactose free and the cream does not separate so you’ll need to keep the cow around if you want butter.Sheep milk is the best of the best but I hear milking them is much akin to getting in the ring at a www wrestling match because they are such skiddish animals by nature.

  • squishy

    Another lie to kill the economy of people who feed us!! What is killing people is GMO food!!

  • James Maxwell

    Considering that the so called “Milk” you buy from most stores today is only Milk in name.
    The majority of the beneficial vitamins and minerals we got from Raw Cows Milk is long
    gone. You read the label and they wind up adding vitimins and minerals to the chalk
    colored stuff they sell today. I grew up back in the 40’s, learned to milk cows and
    churn the butter. The milk had a great taste. When I joined the USAF in 64 and
    was sent overseas we got reconstituted milk that had little if any taste and all the
    goodness was gone. It was not until I got to England in 68 and went off base that I
    was able to find real milk and butter. The mess hall and commissary on base had
    the reconstituted milk that was shipped in form Germany and a couple of other places
    and it still stated like crap. We would buy Carnation Condensed milk to add to our
    Tea and Coffee if we wanted it but the milk was still bad. I do not understand why
    that we have to remove so much goodness from our dairy products because of some
    useless Government regulations. Then the companies add in their version of necessary
    minerals and vitamins to restore some of the goodness minus the butter fat. Bottom
    line the 2% milk you get is chalk colored water and nothing else.

  • Ken StAmour

    This is pure baloney. Milk is the best beverage there is. Whoever is making this statement is dead wrong….and stupid.

  • William Burke

    HELLO? It’s designed for BABY COWS! If you don’t fit that profile, leave milk alone. I’m 66, and my last drink of milk was when I was 20.

  • pattonknew

    its really sad, that we have an administration thats more bent on causing problems, especially health problems, that their so heavily invested in like cancer treatments and big pharma, for a profit rather than actually curing people; but i guess if they didnt do it that way they wouldnt be able to afford to rig voting machines to vote for democrats and send all those threatening letters to their previous constituents.

  • pattonknew

    if the comparison of health benefits is between organic fed and injected cows, it makes more sense.

  • madmemere

    The ONLY kind of cows’ milk to drink is pure, raw, unadulterated, organic cows’ milk; NO growth hormones, vaccines, pasteurization, blah, blah, blah. I was brought up on “real cows’ milk” and I’m now 77 years old, with NO health issues!

  • tired

    This all shows that the drug companies are in bed with the politicians! They all make too much money making us sick in order to sell us more drugs! Or making us sick putting drugs in everything to sell us something to counter act it. The FDA approves (or gets paid off) and lets the drug companies do whatever and false advertise and the whole nine yards.

  • Blackjack6

    I claim bull crap to this ‘STUDY” I drank 1/2 gal of jersey milk at every meal for 10 years growing up (8-18) I think those would be called my “growth years”. I study I participated in indicated the densest bones of anyone in the study including my brother. My mother, 101 in February, was raised on whole milk and drank the same milk I did.

  • Neal Miller