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Scientists Discover Virus That Makes You Stupid (True Story)

IMG_4443.JPGWhile performing a completely unrelated experiment, researchers from John Hopkins University may have accidentally found a virus that causes “stupidity” in people. The algal virus, called ATCV-1, may impair brain activity, learning and memory in those infected, which could impact mental capacity and intelligence levels.

This virus typically infects a specific type of algae found in rivers and lakes. It has not been known to infect humans before, but the researchers found the virus in 43.5% of the 92 healthy volunteers who were participating in the study.

After unexpectedly stumbling across traces of ATCV-1 in human DNA samples from throat swabs from healthy volunteers, the research team did a database search to identify the unknown virus. They then continued with the research to find that the presence of this virus in humans was linked to decreased spatial awareness, lower attention spans and a “statistically significant decrease in the performance on cognitive assessments of visual processing and visual motor speed.”

Further tests were done on mice, in which the mice were injected in the mouth with infected algae. The mice that were infected showed significantly less ability to find their way out of mazes, and seemed perplexed by new objects placed in with them. The study reported that the virus appeared to impact the “learning, memory formation, and the immune response to viral exposure” of the mice.

Dr. Robert Yolken who led the research team, said that ATCV-1 may work by changing gene expression in the brain area that is responsible for higher brain functions. He added that he had suspected for some time that viruses are capable of affecting human intelligence.

Although this study was unintended, it does give a good example of how human behavior and psychology is more than the sum of the genes you inherit from your parents. It shows the yet to be researched potential of how much we are influenced by the trillions of microorganisms that live in our bodies.

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  • georgethorvat

    Well finally! the cause of incompetence in Washington may have been discovered. Now all scientists have to do is to find the cure.

    • Hotnike

      This also applies to some local governments and public school administrations.

    • william couch

      .3006 @ 500yards.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Scientists conribute to it.

    • boone1

      Boy will this ever piss the liberals off calling them stupid and infected algae at that.

    • cstrasburger

      Actually, I would say that this afflicts more the stupidity of the general populace, the electorate capable of voting for the morons in Washington. Perhaps that is why liberalism, a proven failure, is growing. Wonder if they are throwing this virus in the water systems on the coasts….where mindless idiots keep voting for more stupid….

  • Ddenney1

    Now if they can find a cure NO MORE LIBERALS!!!!!!

    • John Walsh

      Damn! You’ve just stolen my comment!!! At least now we know where liberals come from.

    • boone1

      They don’t want a cure.

      • Apolloone

        Exactly that why our government schools have been dumbing down this country. The president of the CPUSA was calling for a national school system run by the government back in 1932, their dream came true with the establishment of the Department of so-called Education around 1980. They now got control of our children to feed them propaganda on a national level. The CPUSA Communist Party United States America still exists with many Democrats being proud members. I doubt there is a public school in this nation that tells the horrors of Communism but they do have people like Anita Dunn who boasts that China’s Chairman Mao is her hero, no big deal that he murdered over fifty million of his own people and she was Obama’s pick until she open her stupid mouth, she actually believes that her view on Mao should impress us, I guess this ignorant Communist wench thinks most Americans are Communists.

  • sharon

    Gosh is that what has happened to Democrats and those that voted for Obama already.

  • mudguy1

    The Virus is Liberalism. The cure is to vote it out.

    • Apolloone

      True but when those infected voters outnumber the non infected voters what do we do? Several days ago I read an article where a question was asked of at least voting age people and the question was; how long does it take to go eighty miles if you are traveling eighty miles per hour, one guy said it was a trick question, and other answers not even close. I have heard these kinds of questions asked before to many of our younger people and I cant believe these people aren’t being taught things I learned in grade school. America really has been dumbed down.

      • mudguy1

        I asked my doctor:

        “Doctor, what is being done about this dangerous virus from Africa?”

        He replied, “I don’t know. He has two more years in office.”

        • Apolloone

          LOL. We can only hope we have two more years with him and he isn’t replaced by that female Virus Hitlerree. I wont be surprised if there is a false flag so the Kenyan can declare Martial Law and become dictator. He has been systematically firing and forcing patriotic top brass out and replacing them with anything but patriots. John McCain is more to blame than anyone for this wannabe dictator getting elected, because he refused to allow any criticism, he even fired his campaign manager who would have exposed him. Then he tells his audience at two separate town hall meetings that Obama is a good guy and would make a good president. Either McCain is one of the biggest fools in politics or he is a down right Traitor to his country. Research what some of his fellow vets have to say about him, those who know him from Vietnam, I was in those same years but I didn’t personally know him.

          • mudguy1

            Hitlerre would not replace him until two more years America can not survive with him for two more years. Uncle Joe will be far better than him.

          • Apolloone

            I agree and I have said before that Joe would be much better, I don’t think Joe would intentionally destroy this country, he just isn’t the brightest bulb in Washington probably why he was chosen as number two, he is nothing more than a figure head. I bet if the truth is known he is worried about what the Evil Kenyan is doing to the country. I really have my doubts the Republic will stand for two more years. I believe it depends on the military, if the Chief Muslim thinks they will side with him then he’ll go that route. Only my humble opinion but he sure has been rearranging the military. I’m sure replacing the patriots with panty waisted Marxists and career oriented sycophants

      • Debra

        lol this really is true folks. I’ve done the same thing to school kids and they had a blank look come on their face. And at the grocery stores,,,, they can not count back change. They just go by what the register tells them to give back. I gave one some change so i wouldn’t get back change but she didn’t key in the change so she could not figure out what i was suppose to get back. I tried to tell her and she looked at me like a deer with headlights in her eyes. It was scary. So i ask her to call the woman at the service desk over. She came and gave me my change and i told her, it’s not totally the girls fault, it is the schools fault. The schools no longer teach education.

  • Patriot Girl

    So THIS is where stupid liberals come from! Hope they can find a cure! Lord knows, facts and logic sure don’t seem to help! lol

    • John Walsh

      Every tried to have a reasoned discussion with a liberal? It’s like trying to catch a greased pig.

      • boone1

        Yes sure is hard to talk to these people.

      • JoeW

        When they lose an argument they change the terms of the discussion…or, they can never answer a question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    E. Liberali. What’s news?

    • John Walsh

      Ah, great name for this new found virus!!

  • Barry Smith

    Algae Blooms only grow in above ground water, as in rivers, streams, lakes, and creeks. These are all places where CITY people get their water from, who lives in cities……libturds do, demoncraps do are you getting it yet. Most conservatives and Republicans live in the country and draw their water from wells, algae does not grow in water that is underground. So we now have a STUPID VIRUS that effects mainly libturd demoncraps. What a hoot.

  • Dan Moore

    It must be that Washington D.C. was built on a swamp and along a river. Go to Washington, get stupid.

  • Mys77

    I bet pot has the same properties…..I have yet to meet a pot smoker that is above average, and dumber than a rock.

    • We know now why Pelosi is stupid !!

    • Apolloone

      Several years ago I was listening to Michael Savage on late night Radio and he was talking about the dangers of using pot, so the pot users started calling in to defend pot after awhile it seemed the caller was the same guy, you would have to have heard them to understand what I mean I laughed so hard my side really bothered me. They did themselves in and to top it off Michael mutters kinda under his breath what I have to listen to in order to make a buck. He has talked about pot a lot but I’ll never forget that
      show in particular and those obviously affected guys telling him no there’s no danger in smoking pot it hasn’t hurt me.

  • pj4me

    Ahhhh, so THIS is what happened to BO and his corrupt dumbocraps! They all got the virus! The cure is THROW THEM ALL OUT!

  • ABBAsFernando

    Perhaps this could be the perfect excuse for low information individuals.

  • Dave from San Antonio

    Makes you wonder “what” they are putting in the water…possibly this helps explain the “dumbing down” of America… Liberals, though, are living proof that it works…;)

  • F S

    It is time to find the cure and save the USA.

  • cmjay

    There is an epidemic of this VIRUS in Washington DC , in CALIFORNIA and NY. This virus only targets DEMOC RATS.

  • dranalog

    maybe this explains liberals

  • aptos 2012

    If this is the case the WH should be quarantined!

  • JoeW

    Michael Savage: ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder’. Dr. Savage is right, the excessive early consumption of alcohol and drugs as well as the very early and ongoing brainwashing at all levels of teaching institutions rewire the brain making the person incapable of critical and rational thinking – now I can add another compounding source for liberals: virus. No wonder that Obama is saying one thing and doing the opposite showing total incompetence in rational thinking.

  • axmickl

    I now feel enlightened as to why everything The President does seems to be stupid. He isn’t mad. he is just infected with a virus.

  • nana

    It’s already a proven fact this has been sprayed in the chemtrails all over the US. How do you think it got there in the 1st place? Check out videos of this being done for years already and a video of them admitting they did it under Bill Gates!