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Pain and Our Emotions – Part I

Pain in the body is a warning system for injury or disease, but natural healers also see a spiritual dimension to pain. They believe pain alerts us to life lessons we need to learn. Once a lesson is incorporated into our psyche, the pain disappears.

Pain includes energy, perception and physical manifestation. Every pain is linked to a particular emotional state in the mind, and each life experience manifests directly in the body. When we experience emotional stress, our bodies have a specific physical reaction. We just have to decode it.

For example, pain in the muscles is linked to difficulty moving freely in our lives. It relates to how flexible we are in our experiences at home or at work, or internally. We need to go with the flow.

Headache pain is related to our decision making. Migraine headaches indicate we know the decision that needs to be made, but we have not made it. If you suffer from headaches, take time every day to relax and do something to relieve tension.

Pain in the neck indicates difficulty forgiving yourself, or other people. Spend some time loving yourself and others, and decide to let go of judgment.

Pain in the gums is linked to decisions you feel unable to make or enforce. Set clear goals for yourself, and follow through.

Pain in the shoulder may indicate a heavy emotional burden. It is related to the old saying, “shouldering a problem.” Do some proactive problem solving, and offload some of that burden.

Stomach pain means something in your life is “stuck in your gut.” Not feeling respected makes your stomach hurt, as does grief.

Pain in the upper back may signal a lack of emotional support, or feeling unloved. Reach out for emotional connection.

Pain in the lower back can also be a sign of too little emotional support, or if may mean you are worried about money. Take a good look at your financial situation, and plan to address the issue.

If you have pain in your sacrum or tail bone, you may be sitting on something you need to address. Get to the bottom of it, and find resolution.

Stiff painful arms can mean you are in too deep in a situation. You may need to move things around, or let something go.

In our next article, we’ll highlight more of the relationship between pain and emotions.