Joint Pain

Pain and Our Emotions – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the relationship between our emotions and specific pain in our bodies. Here are more examples of the correlation:

Pain in your arms means you are carrying an emotional burden. That burden may be a person or a situation. You need to put your burden down.

Hands are a symbol of our link to other people. Pain in your hands means you need to restore your connection to others.

Pain in the hips is a sign you are afraid of moving, that you are resistant to change. It could indicate your are avoiding changes you need to make. If you are considering a move in your life, your body is telling you you need to make a decision.

General pain in the hip area means you feel a lack of support. If a hip slips out, it indicates an imbalance in the way you relate to life.

Pain in the joints indicates a need to be more flexible. You need to open yourself up to new ideas, lessons and life experiences.

Knees are a symbol of your relationship to other people, or situations. Knee pain indicates a reluctance to fold, to accept things as they are. The inside of the knee is related to work, friends and community. The outside of the knee relates to personal problems.

Dental pain indicates you are unhappy in your situation. Work to resolve that situation, and in the meanwhile, focus on the positive in your life.

Pain in the ankles may be showing you that you deny yourself the right to pleasure. Learn to be more forgiving of yourself, and indulge yourself in pleasurable activities.

Foot pain may mean you are depressed, or there is too much negativity in your life. Enjoy small pleasures; let yourself find an activity to enjoy, or adopt a pet. Seek joy.

Unexplained pain in various parts of your body may be related to the activity of your immune system, renewing the cellular structure of your body and purging it of negative energy. It is likely to be temporary.

Some pain causes fatigue and boredom. It often indicates we are resisting or denying what we need to do to move forward. Open yourself to the small, still voice inside that is nudging you toward a new experience.