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More Proof Flu Vaccines Don’t Work – Outbreak on US Navy Ship Despite 99% Vaccination Rate

IMG_4470.JPGHas the CDC contradicted itself again? The reports are now coming out that there was an influenza outbreak on the U.S.S. Arden. Almost a quarter of those on board caught the illness even though 99% of crew members had been vaccinated against flu per mandatory military vaccine policy.

According to the report, the ship was in San Diego, CA in early February to conduct training exercises. There were 102 crew members on board. Three days into it, 25 crewmen needed medical care after coming down with influenza.

The Naval Health Research Center determined that out of the 25, 20 of them had influenza A and 18 of these specifically were the subtype H3N2.

Due to severity of the outbreak, the ill crew members were sent home with medication and instructions on how to avoid spreading the illness. The ship had to be fully disinfected.

So how did a ship of crewmen with a 99% vaccination rate succumb to an outbreak? That is a question the CDC and their official vaccination narrative do not seem to be able to answer adequately.

In fact, if you read the references in the study, you will see two other studies listed that show that similar outbreaks have happened twice in the last 15 years – 1996, and 2009:

-Earhart KE, Beadle C, Miller LK, et. al. Outbreak of influenza in highly vaccinated crew of U.S. Navy ship. Emerg Infect Dis 2001;7:463-5″>Earhart KE, Beadle C, Miller LK, et. al. Outbreak of influenza in highly vaccinated crew of U.S. Navy ship. Emerg Infect Dis 2001;7:463-5

-Cosby MT, Pimental G, Nevin RL, et al. Outbreak of H3N2 Influenza at a US Military Base in Djibouti during the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. PLoS One 2013;7:e82089.

Knowing this, perhaps it is time to consider getting rid of mandatory flu vaccine policy for the military and beyond. Vaccines either work, or they don’t.

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  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    In my active duty years (many years ago) I would be instructed to go to the infirmary (land based) for various immunizations. As the infirmary usually kept you cooling your heels for a good deal of time until the harried doctor would see you, in my impatience I would leave after signing in and being there for a while. The schedule would assume that I had gotten the immunizations and I was not recalled. I missed a great many of those noxious shots and almost never came down with anything.

    • jim morency

      i wish i had thought of that! i went to sick bay and got the shot every year, and was sick within 20 minutes every year! i begged to not get the shot. Deaf ears.

    • James Maxwell

      Like you I managed to avoid many FLU shots, over the time span I was in. I did
      try to stay healthy by eating right and taking vitamins to keep me in good health.
      Over 23 years and many tours overseas I managed to avoid both the shots and
      the flu as well.

  • Bryan W. Carpenter

    I would be suspicious of the strength of the vaccine and the chain of control. Have the vaccine analyzed. When flu vaccine first came out it would give me the flu. I refused free shots for years. A few years back my PC Physician talked me into taking them and I have had no problem sense.

  • John F Remillard

    I understand it can take up to 3.5 weeks after receiving flu vaccination before your body is immune. The article does not state a timeline.

  • patgo

    My parents insisted on me getting the flu shot every year, and every year I came down with several cases of strep throat. My first year in college, I went to school in a cold climate where I had to walk to class. I refused to get the flu shot. I didn’t get sick all winter, and I have not had either a flu shot or strep throat since. I am 70 years old. I think I have been sick only twice with anything that might be contagious, and each time it lasted only one day. That is in the past 10 years. I can’t recall having anything other than an occasional cold since I became an adult.

    I have been trying to talk my sister out of getting flu shots, and she is refusing to listen. She’s very sick, takes all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs (FINALLY after five years decided to try to get rid of some of them, but I’m afraid of the damage she may have suffered). She says she doesn’t get the flu. Well, neither do I, and I don’t get the flu shot. So who knows why she doesn’t? For all I know, she is so toxic, she won’t even develop symptoms of flu (which are really symptoms of healing) while flu does secret damage to her body. She is six years younger than I. She has diabetes. I don’t. She has multiple other problems that I do not have. She cannot walk far enough to complete a grocery shopping trip. I can walk 5 miles. I can make other comparisons, but you get the idea.

    • David in MA

      I am 77 and have not had a flu shot since 1966 after getting out of the navy and no flu…. P Monia shots, but no flu shots.
      Maybe it was the unpasteurized milk I drank as a kid that made me healthy….

      • patgo

        Could well be the unpasteurized milk helped. I drank unpasteurized goat’s milk for years as an adult. I can’t get it anymore, unfortunately, but I would go back to it in a heartbeat if I could.

        • Sparky

          I live on a small farm, we raise our own food, beef, vegetables, chickens and goats for milk. My wife uses silver to sterilize her milking equipment. Our 11 year old got a cold this year but that’s the only sickness in our house in the last few years. No shots except the VA gave me a pneumonia shot this year, they always bug me about a flu shot so I told them I got one from my family Doc. I think eating healthy works better than drugs. And if you don’t think there’s a difference in milk look at a young Amish girl and a young english girl. the difference is obvious, it has to be the growth hormones in commercial milk

  • David in MA

    Ponder this: The “outbreak” was an intentional occurrence.
    The best way to immobilize a military operation is for there to be too many illnesses to be functional…….
    The best way to put into effect population control is to kll off the majority of citizens via vaccination using the medium most employeed in a society. Flu shots.

    Sleep well, Obama has your best interests at heart.

  • Mynickelsworth

    I would suggest, against the rules of the FDA, that the medical crew on board ship have on hand supplies of Silver Hydrosol, or the equipment and supplies on board to make it. All you need is enough pure silver to make two electrodes, a 9 volt battery (the kind used in smoke alarms is fine), distilled water and a TDS meter calibrated by measuring a known ppm of silver hydrosol. The meters read low because of the ionic character of the hydrosol. Mine read 6 when testing purchased name brand 10 ppm hydrosol.
    The hydrosol kills all bad bacteria, and either kills or stops the replication of all viruses, even Ebola, and it is said to destroy fungus but I do not know the extent or the limitations.

    It is good for colds, infections, cuts (especially in the gel form) and can be taken internally or administered by using a nebulizer – very effective for lung infections of any kind but it also puts some of the silver in the blood stream.
    For more information do an internet search for Silver Hydrosol, You may see colloidal silver used also. True colloidal silver is silver particles while the hydrosol has silver ions.

    • danstewart

      Silver is also the original antibiotic. Much better than the man made crap that kills everything, good & bad, as silver only kills the bad bugs, not the good. And it’s less expensive.

  • danstewart

    The first time I ever had the flu was in the AF in 1961 when they made me get the flu shot. There is no way I get any of these poison shots now.

  • 1Mike11

    Just think 25 came down with the flu but 77 did not. Think about it.

    • Sparky

      Still if the shot works, why did the 25 get sick?

      • 1Mike11

        Nothing short of death and taxes is 100%.

  • Doug

    Have happened twice in the last 15 years – 1996, and 2009……….that’s the best you can produce ??? And how many millions upon millions didn’t catch it after the vaccine ?? Bogus science on this site. They just want you to buy their stuff.


    During my 25 yr naval career, I received 2 flu shots while enlisted. First one I was very sick, second was in the middle 1970s, severe problems, hospitalized. Went into the LDO program and never again a flu shot received. Other than a couple rounds with malaria I was not ill. Good food good beer, worked for me.

  • Ibcamn

    my family never gets vaccinated and never gets colds or the flu!!!

    • coolman11

      I always skip it now, my wife and two kids received the shot two years ago my wife got a bad case the kids had mild cases of flu and I was perfectly fine haven’t gotten sick since the last time I got a flu shot it’s all a crock.

      • Ibcamn

        yep,take are of the family first and be informed on all the shots and meds,you never really know what’s going on in the vile!!…never just take their word for it that you need it,because you may not!!