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Is Coconut Water the New Magic Potion?

Over the past few years there has been a huge upsurge of interest in coconut oil and its numerous benefits. Now health enthusiasts are turning their attention to the next big thing, coconut water. So is coconut water a magic potion? Decide for yourself.

Coconut has a molecular structure compatible with blood plasma. In fact, historically, coconut water has been used during wartime as a replacement for blood, saving many lives. Coconut water strengthens your immune system. It destroys bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease, and the viruses implicated in colds, typhus, and other infectious diseases.

Coconut water increases energy. It fosters production of thyroid gland hormones. Since it serves as a natural diuretic, it helps people with kidney diseases and cleanses the urinary tract and bladder. Coconut water detoxifies the body and can crush kidney stones. Because it is high in fiber, it aids in digestion. Drinking coconut water regularly eliminates excess gastric acid. It is low in fat, yet it keeps you satisfied while decreasing your appetite.

For acne, dry or oily skin, soak a cotton ball in coconut water and use it on the skin. It freshens and cleans skin and keeps pores open. Mix coconut water with olive oil and use the resulting mixture as a skin cleanser for the body. The same mixture removes parasites from the bowel.

A cup of coconut water taken daily during pregnancy will balance the electrolytes, supporting healthy blood pressure.

If you overindulge in alcohol at night, you’re likely to face a headache the next morning. Try following up your night of drinking with a glass of coconut water. This will reduce hangover symptoms and compensate for lost fluids, as well as preventing nausea.

Drink a cup of coconut water, and your skin will remain hydrated and radiant. After heavy physical activity, coconut water helps you recover your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

More energy? A stronger immune system? Protection from bacteria and infections? Support for weight loss? Perhaps coconut water is a magic potion, after all.