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How One Determined Woman Saved Her Husband’s Life

Alyssia and Trevor Smith were living in Dubai in 2012, when he began suffering from debilitating back pain.  A series of medical visits culminated in a diagnosis of an aggressive bladder cancer that had already penetrated the muscle. Their oncologist recommended immediate radical surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  The surgery he advised would include removing Trevor’s bladder and prostate. Without the recommended treatment, he said, Trevor would be dead in eighteen months. With the treatment, his prognosis was still dire, with a life expectancy of only about four years.

The couple decided to take a little time and get more information. After the initial shock and dismay Alyssia began researching their options. Ultimately, she dedicated thousands of hours to finding treatments that might save Trevor without impinging on his quality of life.

As a first step, Trevor began drinking a concentrated form of Essiac tea, an herbal concoction devised by Canadian nurse Renee Caisse to treat cancer. Then they went to Alyssia’s home country of England to get a second opinion. The British doctor agreed with the oncologist in Dubai, and offered the same recommendations.

They visited a naturopathic doctor who discovered Trevor was very deficient in vitamins C and D. He began taking megadoses of those vitamins along with vitamin K2, green detox powders and laetrile (B16) capsules. He added DHEA to boost his immune system.

Eventually, the couple was able to obtain cannabis oil from California. They moved to the U.K. for three months so Trevor could take the oil without legal peril.  Alyssia and Trevor stress that although cannabis oil is often touted as a sort of silver bullet for cancer, it was just part of his regimen. It was also the most difficult treatment for him, as he did not feel well during the process.

Trevor stopped smoking, and they eliminated sugar, processed foods, dairy products, and red meat. They began using sea salt, and moved to a mostly plant-based diet with small amounts of fish and chicken.  He had a nutritionally rich smoothie every day.

In January 2013, they began to see a new oncologist who was supportive of their protocol. Ultimately, Trevor had several laser surgeries to remove some superficial tumors, and a BKG cocktail, which introduced a virus into the bladder in hopes of stimulating his immune system to fight the malignant cells.

Today, Trevor continues to be cancer-free. Alyssia has written a book about their journey, Taking Control: My Journey of Alternative Healing. You can find details of Trevor’s entire regimen here.