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Could These Wraps Work for You?

Most of us have suffered a cough or cold. These are minor illnesses, but they are frustrating to experience. Coughing interferes with concentration and is a nuisance for the people around us. It is unpleasant during the day, but at night, a bad cough can interfere with sleep and keep other family members awake. That’s especially tough when we’re all tired from a day at work or school. Children are most apt to have colds and the flu, because of their less developed immune systems.

We often rely on cough syrups that include codeine and dextromethorphan. These only suppress the transmission of cough signals to the brain. They can cause side effects that include drowsiness, headaches, and rapid heartbeat.

Many people report success treating colds and cough using chest wraps. Here are instructions for making a popular wrap that uses honey. Honey is home remedy used to treat a variety of problems, from dry skin to removal of toxins from the body. When used for coughs, it helps dislodge mucus from the lungs. It is effective for children as well as adults.

Make your own Honey Wrap:

Supplies needed –

Olive oil
Adhesive tape

Instructions –

Mix a small amount of honey into some flour. (Do not use your hands). Add a little olive oil, and re-roll in more flour. Place the mixture on a napkin, and wrap it in gauze.

Attach it onto the chest or back, using the adhesive tape, then put a shirt on over the wrap.

For children, you should put the wrap on the two to three hours before bedtime, then remove it. Adults should wear the wrap all night, keeping in mind you will likely sweat heavily. There are no side effects, but do watch tender skin (especially on children).

Rachel Lim, who lives in Singapore, modified these instructions to make a wrap for her child. Instead of olive oil, she used virgin coconut oil, then she added ginger juice to the honey-flour mixture. She wrapped the mix in tinfoil, then in a cloth. In a Facebook post, she reported:

Usually about 2-3 hrs. in his sleep [her baby], he would begin to cough profusely and whine. Last night I put foil on him, keeping it for 4 hours, and did not hear anything from him, no nasal congestion, no phlegm, not a sound! Throughout the night, not a single cough from him.

Like honey, ginger has a long history of use by traditional medicine practitioners for the relief of cough, sore throat and chest congestion.