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Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier?

Studies conducted outside the United States continue to show that unvaccinated children experience better health than children who have been vaccinated. A 1992 study in New Zealand surveyed approximately 245 families that included 495 children. Of these, 226 were vaccinated and 269 unvaccinated.

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How A Popular, “Safe” Vaccine Ruined The Lives of One Woman and Her Daughter – A Real Life Story.

30278220_sBreanna DeJaynes was a happy, energetic, normal all-American 13 year old. That is, until one vaccine destroyed her health. Her mother, Shayne DeJaynes shares that within 2 days of receiving her first round of the HPV vaccine in April 2011, Breanna began suffering a sudden onset of symptoms she had never experienced before – including dizziness, headaches, fainting spells, leg and arm cramps, and an achy arm where she had been vaccinated.

Shayna would take her to the doctor every time a new symptom happened, and if it happened at school, they would call 911 and take her to the hospital, as was their policy. There were no clear answers from the doctors or hospital initially. Every time Breanna was taken in, they were brushed off and told that her symptoms were likely a result of her being too active, or standing up too fast, being dehydrated, or overheating – not entirely unusual things for growing teenagers.

However, the horror was just beginning. In the summer of 2011, Breanna got her second round of the Gardasil vaccine. This is where things took a turn for the worse. Her arm and leg cramps began to intensify, and she began to have headaches so severe that being in light would cause nausea. She had severe anxiety and large crowds made her hysterical. Then, the seizures began, often causing her memory loss, disorientation and sometimes even being unable to talk and walk.

Still, nobody had connected any of this to the vaccine, least of all Breanna’s family. After all, they had been told by doctors that it was perfectly safe and could prevent cancer in Breanna’s future.

When the symptoms worsened, Breanna understandably began to struggle mightily at school and began to fall behind fast. By October 2012, her mother Shayna grew tired of the unsatisfying answers and solutions from the local medical team, and after an episode of 15 seizures in one day, she took Breanna to the Children’s Hospital in Tulsa. There, they monitored her with an EEG for several days and were asked all kinds of questions about Breanna’s routine and changes in her life. This is where things slowly started to click. A nurse at the hospital, upon learning that Breanna had received 2 doses of the HPV vaccine, asked Shayna if she had researched this vaccine before. She then encouraged Shayna to go home and do some research on Gardasil.

What Shayna discovered rocked her world: Breanna was far from the only victim of this vaccine. Many others had reported similar symptoms.

Thankfully, Shayna learned this information in time to prevent Breanna from getting her third and final round of Gardasil. However, to this day, Breanna continues to suffer from debilitating seizures, aches, and other symptoms. She is currently unable to go to school and is trying to finish schooling online. Breanna has gone from a healthy, perfectly normal child to one who is not only physically ill on a daily basis but also endures depression, anxiety and even embarrassment from dealing with her symptoms.

Today, Shayna has lost her long time job as a result of having to be caretaker for her daughter 24-7, making sure that her seizures do not injure her. Breanna continues to take it one day at a time and their hope is that there will be someone out there who can one day help Breanna recover from getting the Gardasil shots.

This is a grave story, and sadly there are many others continuing to come forward with stories just like that of Breanna DeJaynes. What we can do is to learn from her tragic story and help create awareness to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

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ALERT: This Vaccine Program Has Secretly Sterilized 2.3 Million Women

IMG_4446.JPGKenya’s government is launching an investigation after allegations from Catholic bishops that two United Nations organizations have been sterilizing the population using the guise of an anti-tetanus vaccination program.

A statement released by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association says that the organization found a birth control hormone called beta human chorionic gonadotropin (b-HCG) in a tetanus vaccine that causes miscarriage. This vaccine was being administered to over 2.3 million women and girls by UNICEF and the World Health Organization since October 2013. A tetanus shot can typically protect a person for 10 years, and boosters are available for those who have had an injury.

According to Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi and spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association said that 6 samples from around Kenya were sent to laboratories in South Africa, where they all tested positive for the HCG antigen.

When the ordinary tetanus shot is laced with b-HCG, the women develop immunity to both tetanus and HCG – a hormone that is essential for pregnancy. The body then rejects pregnancy, resulting in repeating miscarriages and risking long term sterility.

Dr. Ngare stated,

This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO compaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.

According to Bishop Paul Kariuki, chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops’ health committee, the Ministry of Health has not tested the vaccine, trusting in its safety because it originated from WHO, an organization that is supposed to be credible.

Another member of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, Dr. Wahome Ngare, calls this vaccine out as “immoral and evil” because it was given “without disclosing its contraceptive effect to the girls and mothers”. The committee is calling all Kenyans to avoid this tetanus vaccine campaign, telling the public that it is a population control tactic.

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Is This All It Takes to Defeat The Flu?

15155140_sEvery year the flu comes around. The media lets you know by telling you, “It’s time to get your flu shot.” And everywhere you go — the grocery store, the library, the pharmacy — they’re all telling you the flu shot is available.

But what if fighting the flu didn’t require a flu shot?

The good news is it doesn’t.

Here’s what you need to know about the flu, and other flu-like illnesses.

The flu is typically only able to cause you harm when you have a weakened immune system.

It’s one of the reasons the elderly and the young are so vulnerable to the flu. Their immune systems are often compromised and can’t stand up to the stress the flu has on the body.

This means that if you could help bolster your immune system, you could fight the flu. And one of the easiest ways to strengthen your immune system is by taking supplemental Vitamin D.

You see, Vitamin D is one of your immune system’s strongest assets. A powerful anti-microbial, it helps the body form 200-300 illness-fighting peptides. This can keep many viruses, fungi and bacteria at bay.

Most Americans are woefully deficient in Vitamin D — especially during “flu season.”

The reason for this is because Vitamin D is formed by the body after being exposed to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. During summer months, the sun’s rays are strong and vibrant and the body is able to make generous amounts of Vitamin D. During the fall and winter months the sun’s rays lose strength and Vitamin D levels begin to fall.

Which is why the flu happens to present itself most often during the winter months.

According to Dr. Mercola, “It’s estimated that over 95 percent of U.S. senior citizens may be deficient, along with 85 percent of the American public.”

And those deficiencies extend to children as well. It’s estimated that as many as 2 in 3 children have Vitamin D levels that are less than ideal. As you can see, that might explain why they’re the ones who get the flu the most, and are hardest hit by it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to bring Vitamin D levels up to a healthy range. And the benefits are numerous.

As Dr. Mercola reports, “researchers have found that 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day abolished seasonal influenza.”

To bring your Vitamin D levels back into the healthy range, you can take a supplement in droplet form. When you take Vitamin D3, it’ll help restore your vitamin D levels to where they should be.

You can also use safe tanning booths to restore Vitamin D levels. As you work to restore those vitamin D levels, your body is able to fight off the flu in a way it couldn’t before.

One of the other ways to boost your immune system is with ionic silver. One of nature’s most potent offenses to fight off sickness, combined with Vitamin D, it might pack the one-two punch you need to stay healthy this winter.

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More Proof Flu Vaccines Don’t Work – Outbreak on US Navy Ship Despite 99% Vaccination Rate

IMG_4470.JPGHas the CDC contradicted itself again? The reports are now coming out that there was an influenza outbreak on the U.S.S. Arden. Almost a quarter of those on board caught the illness even though 99% of crew members had been vaccinated against flu per mandatory military vaccine policy.

According to the report, the ship was in San Diego, CA in early February to conduct training exercises. There were 102 crew members on board. Three days into it, 25 crewmen needed medical care after coming down with influenza.

The Naval Health Research Center determined that out of the 25, 20 of them had influenza A and 18 of these specifically were the subtype H3N2.

Due to severity of the outbreak, the ill crew members were sent home with medication and instructions on how to avoid spreading the illness. The ship had to be fully disinfected.

So how did a ship of crewmen with a 99% vaccination rate succumb to an outbreak? That is a question the CDC and their official vaccination narrative do not seem to be able to answer adequately.

In fact, if you read the references in the study, you will see two other studies listed that show that similar outbreaks have happened twice in the last 15 years – 1996, and 2009:

-Earhart KE, Beadle C, Miller LK, et. al. Outbreak of influenza in highly vaccinated crew of U.S. Navy ship. Emerg Infect Dis 2001;7:463-5″>Earhart KE, Beadle C, Miller LK, et. al. Outbreak of influenza in highly vaccinated crew of U.S. Navy ship. Emerg Infect Dis 2001;7:463-5

-Cosby MT, Pimental G, Nevin RL, et al. Outbreak of H3N2 Influenza at a US Military Base in Djibouti during the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. PLoS One 2013;7:e82089.

Knowing this, perhaps it is time to consider getting rid of mandatory flu vaccine policy for the military and beyond. Vaccines either work, or they don’t.

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Finally, the Alarming Truth about Flu Vaccines

IMG_4427.JPGFlu vaccine promotion is currently one of the most aggressive public health policies pushed in the United States, with both public officials and pharmaceutical companies advocating widespread vaccination each year. As a result, availability of the vaccine in the United States has jumped from 32 million doses 20 or so years ago, to over 135 million doses in present day.

Now, a scientist from John Hopkins School of Medicine has come forward with a report on influenza vaccines that says that despite the big push on them onto the public, flu vaccines are less effective and cause more serious side effects than previously disclosed by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC).

The scientist, Peter Doshi, Ph.D., further alleges that the CDC uses sub par studies to prove to the public that getting a yearly flu shot is a necessity, and even mandatory at some healthcare facilities, putting people at risk of losing their jobs if they refuse.

In the report published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Doshi says that the threat of the influenza is overstated, and that the vaccine is both less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed by the CDC.

However, if you read the CDC reports carefully, you will find that they acknowledge that the studies they use to find a reduction in death rates for those who get the vaccine, is actually due to the “healthy-user effect”, which is the tendency for healthier people to get vaccinated rather than less healthy people. In contrast, the only randomized study of the vaccine in older people to date found zero decrease in deaths.

The other issue is that the vaccine is often not closely matched up with the type of influenza that is going around. But even when it happens to be matched up closely, trials studying healthy adults found that vaccinating between 33 and 100 people resulted in one less case of influenza.

On the dark side of things, Doshi talks about an Australian study that found that one in every 110 children under age 5 who received the H1N1 vaccine in 2009 suffered from convulsions following being vaccinated. Additionally it was also found that the H1N1 vaccine may have caused a spike in adolescent narcolepsy rates.

Doshi’s publication exposes the fraud that flu vaccine promotion is. The money trail points back to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these vaccines, and the people who have something to gain from their sales. The bottom line here is, millions of people will get the flu vaccine this year, and will not get any benefit from it, but will get all of the risks associated with it.

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