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50 Health Advantages of Coconut Oil

Millions of people throughout Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa and Central America have been including coconuts as a significant food source in their diet for millennia.  Before modern foods were introduced, some communities were almost entirely dependent upon coconut. In those cultures, diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and other degenerative disease were largely unknown.

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The Basics of Essential Oils

You may have heard the buzz about essential oils, and their potential as natural remedies and health boosters. So what are these oils, and should they be part of your health regimen? Here are the basics you need to know.

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7 Ways to Get Ready for Flu Season

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep a strong immune system, and a strong immune system is your best defense against illness. As flu season approaches, however, you may want to take some extra measures. Here are seven ways to get ready for flu season:

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Music Reduces Pain of Surgery, Speeds Healing

A new study conducted by British scientists has confirmed what many doctors, nurses and patients have long believed: Listening to music during surgery improves outcomes. The research team based their conclusions on evidence from approximately 7,000 patients.

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Easy Remedy to Eliminate Back and Joint Pain

The Healthy Food Team recently posted an article that cited a military doctor’s advice for eliminating pain in the back, joints and legs. People who have used this method consider it a miracle cure for the kind of pain that can be hard to manage. Best of all, you can expect to see results within seven days.

The treatment works because it restores lubrication in the joints. Healthy joints are important not just for movement, but for overall health. Everything in our body is connected and interdependent. Recent revelations about painkillers emphasize the importance of finding natural ways to manage discomfort.

Here is the recipe:

Purchase 150 grams of edible gelatin (this is enough for a one-month course of treatment).

In the evening, stir 5 grams of gelatin (two flat teaspoons) into a quarter cup of cold water (use water from the refrigerator).

Mix well, and let the mixture stand until morning at room temperature.

The next morning, the gelatin mixture will have swollen into jelly.

Drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. If you like, add juice or water, or you can mix the jelly into yogurt, or any other combination that appeals to you.

The recommended duration of the treatment is one month, but most people feel significantly better within a week. Repeat the course in six months.

Gelatin is an animal protein obtained from connective tissue of large horned cattle, including tendons, bones, cartilage, and collagen. Gelatin improves the strength of internal fibers and small cells. Two amino acids are present in gelatin: proline and hidrosiprolin, which have a positive impact on the recovery of connective tissue. Gelatin works to improve diseased joints by increasing the growth and scope of the connective tissue.

In fact, the article says gelatin offers a number of advantages:

Strengthens joints and heart muscle
– Improves metabolism
– Increases mental ability
– Maintains healthy skin condition
– Gives elasticity and strength to the tendons and ligaments
– Prevents the development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
– Leads to improved growth and structure of hair and nails
– Irreplaceable at dysplasia

One user of this remedy said spinal pain and neck stiffness, the result of long hours spent sitting at the computer, both resolved in seven days. Within a month, all the back pain was gone, and he felt much better overall. He is continuing to use the remedy every six months.

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Clear Nasal Congestion the Natural Way

Even a mildly stopped up nose is uncomfortable, but severe nasal congestion is really miserable. The good news is the condition generally resolves within a week or so. But in the meantime, it interferes with your sleep and makes it hard to enjoy your regular activities.

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Is Mind/Body Medicine the Future?

Mind/body medicine, often called holistic medicine, is a philosophy of healing that looks at the total human being, rather than just focusing on a specific disease. Mind/body medicine examines the interaction among the mind, body and spirit, and the ways in which our health is affected by emotional, mental, social and spiritual issues, as well as physical factors. Throughout history, until the advent of modern medicine and pharmacology, mind/body medicine was the way healers approached healing. Now the culture of healing is shifting again, to a more integrated view of health.

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Drink Lemon Tea Every Day, and This Happens…

Have you discovered the host of health benefits in lemon tea? Do you drink it every day? If so, you are making an excellent choice; lemon tea cleanses your body from within while it refreshes you with vibrant energy.

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Health Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is a short succulent plant that is widely used for a variety of healing purposes. It is used in treating autoimmune diseases, cancer, high cholesterol, bowel problems, and other health conditions. Remedies made of aloe vera are easily accessible and can be made at home.

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Is Coconut Water the New Magic Potion?

Over the past few years there has been a huge upsurge of interest in coconut oil and its numerous benefits. Now health enthusiasts are turning their attention to the next big thing, coconut water. So is coconut water a magic potion? Decide for yourself.

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