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See Which Kinds of Cancer Coffee Fights

21131370_sCoffee is the world’s most popular legal drug.

Actually that should read caffeine is the world’s most popular drug, but coffee is the favorited carrier of this drug.

The good news is coffee has tremendous benefits to the health of those who drink it.

The reason?

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants.

If you didn’t already know antioxidants work agains dangerous free-radicals. And the amount of damage caused by free radicals is overwhelming. It’s been proven that free-radicals are responsible for some of the damaging degenerative diseases and conditions as well as contributing to the development of many kinds of cancer.

Fortunately antioxidants work to fight free-radicals and can can stop the development of many of these disease right in their tracks.

In particular the amount of antioxidant power contained in coffee is enormous.

Coffee starts off as a fruit, and like most fruits , is loaded with antioxidants.

Fortunately the process in which coffee is prepared does not stop coffee from posessing intense antioxidant power.

So why is coffee so special? World renowned physician Dr. Mercola writes.

The natural blend of polyphenol antioxidants (including chlorogenic acids), bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals in coffee beans all work together to help neutralize the harsher effects of the caffeine2. There are literally thousands of different natural chemical compounds in your brew, and science now suggests the synergy between them can pack a nice nutritional punch.

But in particular is what that nutritional punch can do for you.

Specifically coffee can reduce the risk you develop certain kinds of cancer.

Dr. Wiggy Saunders notes:

  • A 2011 a study of over 50,000 men found that men who drank 6 cups of coffee a day had a 60 percent lower chance of lethal prostate cancer than those who drank none.
  • Japanese scientists were able to show people who drank coffee almost daily had a 50% smaller chance of developing HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma). This form of liver cancer was much more common in those who never drank coffee.
  • And another study published by the International Journal of Cancer made clear indications that coffee consumption could help to lower colon cancer risk among women.

And that’s not all coffee can do.

:: It can also help increase your metabolism so you lose weight faster.

:: It can help to double your glucose absorption which helps to stabilize blood sugar.

:: It can help with the the growth of certain gut bacteria.

:: It can reduce the risk of suicide.

:: It can help you perform better in workouts.

And much, much more.

There are some caveats to be made about coffee though.

The biggest being if you suffer from conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you should avoid coffee use. What happens when you consume coffee is it causes the release of non-epinephrine along with adrenaline.

The over-use of these hormones will eventually contribute to adrenal fatigue which can then disrupt your hormone levels and cause other conditions.

What happens then is your body depends on a constant jolt from caffeine to get the energy you need, and that’s a dangerous dependence.

Now as mentioned above, coffee helps with the growth of natural gut flora.

BUT, it’s not the best at helping fight the parasites that live in your gut already.

Didn’t know you have parasites in your gut?

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