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Basics of Healthy Eating

A recent article on the PBS website covered some of the basic tenets of healthy eating. The information was presented in an easy-to-follow list format. Of course, the foundation of a healthy eating program is to consume most of your nutrition from farm-raised, organic protein (such as eggs, yogurt, fish and chicken), organic fruit, non-starchy vegetables, and organically farmed whole grains.

Here is the list:

At Home:

Instead of frying, bake, broil, steam or microwave your food.

Create your own salad dressings using three parts olive oil to one part vinegar. Use this recipe to replace high-fat, creamy dressings.

If you’re craving Mexican food, make quesadillas from whole-wheat tortillas, sliced vegetables, and reduced-fat cheese.

Replace salt with herbs and spices.

Enjoy whole-wheat crackers with reduced-fat cheese or peanut or almond butter.

On the Go: 

  • When you order dinner, ask for apple slices or a salad in place of French fries. Use low-fat dressing.
  • If you’re going to splurge for a hamburger, skip the mayo. Order mustard instead.
  • In place of a high calorie dessert, ask for a low-fat yogurt parfait.


  • Opt for low-fat or fat-free milk, cheese and yogurt. The protein and calcium content are comparable to the full-fat versions.
  • Choose grilled instead of fried (chicken strips on a salad, for example)
  • Carry your own snacks in a baggie. Take along sliced apples and oranges, carrot sticks, celery and cucumber sticks.
  • A healthy sandwich includes whole-grain bread, lean meat, and reduced-fat cheese. You can also add a few veggies, storing them in a separate container to assemble before you eat it.
  • Replace mayo on sandwiches with low-fat yogurt or hummus.
  • Think of eating as a rainbow experience! Focus on including many different colors of veggies and fruits in your meals and snacks.
  • Always opt for whole grains, whether in breads, tortillas, pastas or rice. If you have trouble adjusting to the new taste, begin with half “enriched” flour and half whole-wheat, or half white rice mixed with half brown rice.
  • Ditch the soda and the fruit juice (which is full of sugar and offers no fiber). Drink water! You’ll feel better and more energetic.