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4 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From A Whole Foods Diet.

imageAs the new year begins, people across America may be trying to adopt a cleaner, healthier way of eating as part of their health resolutions. Many will be doing this by increasing the quantity of whole, fresh, natural foods in their diet. But there may be a dark side to this “trend”.

Here a few reasons why a whole foods diet may not be great for your lifestyle.

1. Junk and processed foods will start to taste terrible.
You may enjoy them now, but once you clean your taste buds by exposing them frequently to pure, unadulterated foods that have no chemicals on them, you may find that junk foods taste too salty, too sweet, and like a poor imitation of the real thing. If you’re in a deep relationship with your comfort junk foods, you will want to stay far away from whole foods because you and junk food will not like each other very much anymore.

2. You will run out of excuses not to move your body and exercise regularly.
When you fuel your body with clean energy sources, you are probably going to find that you may lose some unwanted pounds without doing anything extra. This may sound good, but unfortunately it’s also going to make you want to get up off the couch, ignore your favorite tv show and go for a jog or to the gym. You’re going to have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it. Be warned.

3. You may have fewer days off from work.
Chances are high that when you’re eating a whole foods diet, your body will slowly and steadily regain its health. While this seems like a positive thing in theory, the reality is that you will no longer be able to call in sick to work on occasion, because you simply won’t be sick that often. If you enjoy taking (legitimate) sick days, definitely stay away from whole foods.

4. You will have to find new reading material.
We all love to spend time in the grocery store aisles, doing daily eye exercises and getting entertainment from reading those microscopically tiny, mile long ingredient lists on packaging. Once you switch to a whole foods diet, you will no longer have that luxury, because you will quit buying all this processed food and start enjoying homemade foods from scratch more. You may have to resort to reading actual books for stress relief.

If any of the above are concerning to you, please, do not even try adopting the whole foods lifestyle, or you may suddenly discover a healthier, more energetic you who enjoys the taste of real food!

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